Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dragon Lady Boxset #SciFiRom – Background & Labor Day Sale at $2.99

Background to the first story
My science fiction romance novel The Lady is Blue (book 1 in this boxset) is set on the distant planet of Eden in a small town, which mingles aspects of places I've lived - Yale University, USA, and Oxford University, UK.

The Science Center housing the heroine's lab is a recreation of the Kline Biology Tower at Yale University. 
Its 12th floor cafeteria is the site of several scenes, including an attempt to kill the heroine. The real cafeteria was popular among both science faculty and students for lunch and informal discussions. No scaly aliens have dined in the cafe to my knowledge, although I once met a famous ballet dancer who had been smuggled in under the assumed name of Mr. Brown to see real research laboratories. 

By Grue [GFDL (
The characters walk in a park with a bridge over the river - transformed from Oxford University Parks

 Dragon Lady

Dragon Lady Boxset has the bargain price of $2.99 for Aug 31- Sept 5

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