Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Atrapako on Eden - Characters


Characters in Book 1, The Lady is Blue

Terran Colonists
Dr. Lucy Anne Stannis, chief biologist                   
Dr. Colin Murti, physician                                     
Roger Fourno, Lucy’s boyfriend
Dr. Trisha Duran, biologist                                              
Dr. Jun Danzhu, physicist                                    
Peter Angelino, actor                                           
Mossy Fairweather, governor                                         
Don Vargo, governor                                                      
Bernal Mathis, governor                                                 
Sammy Lee, curious boy                                                    
Sonia Conde, Lucy’s student
Anton Garin, Sonia’s friend and Jun’s student
Celia and Tom, farmers
Dr. Anne Winter

Terran Space Authority
Admiral Simon Sinclair, Lucy’s uncle


Sa Kamizan Veedak, Blue captain of their spaceship
Te Suzzaine Sukla, Green scientist
Te Tamarkis Varenne, Green scientist
Sa Radekis Volkin, Blue
Sa Marakur Zolan, Yellow musician
Venerable Lady Kamilla, Blue
Sa Varasek, Blue, Lady Kamilla’s son
Zora, mates with Sa Radekis

Note: Atrapako colors represent their caste.
Reds are given no names and do not speak to superior classes.


New Characters in Book 2, Dragons of Vkani

Edeners and/or Terran Stock
Asher, Lucy and Sa Kamizan’s son
Mrs. Lee, Sammy’s mother   
Pat Hammer, inept assassin

Space Traders
Jamie Stannis, Lucy’s brother
Elissa, Jamie’s wife
Eloise and Elliot, children of Jamie and Elissa

Atrapako on Eden
Zod and Vin Ziggurak, Red brothers, emancipated from caste system
Zoltan, son of Sa Radekis and Zora
Kamlin, Sa Varasek’s son
Sa Zorkin, Blue leader of anti-human faction
Sa Garmis, Green in Sa Varasek’s team
Sa Takanur, Blue in Sa Varasek’s team

Terran Space Authority
Annamarie Sinclair, Admiral Sinclair’s wife
Lieutenants Mike Barrat and Andrea Wintroski, liaisons for rescuers

Atrapako on Vkani
Lady of Ravenak, Te Kamizan Veela, Blue, Sa Kamizan’s sister
Raven/Ravenna, Blue, Veela’s daughter
Colonel Gunilaz, Green, Veela’s master of arms
Te Seekara Lallaine, Blue ex-lover of Sa Kamizan
Te Ziggurak Gistane, Yellow, Zod & Vin’s sister
Giri, Gistane’s son
Sa Mantikur Ilinuz, Green scientist
Te Mantikur Ilina, Yellow
Sa Volan Taran, Yellow mate of Te Mantikur