Comet Tales

Anthology of four short stories and a novella. 

Trudge over the rocks of Mars, trek through a hazardous alien jungle, or pop across the galaxy in a pirate ship in five fun tales of adventure and romance. 

Gifts of Jangalore
Short story set in the Grand Masters’ Universe. Empath Rosa Spruce and Psi Master Varan seek an ancient site within an alien jungle.

Stranded on Illumina
Jacie’s plan to meet her boyfriend on the Planet Illumina is scuttled when he skips their date.

Lonely Hearts on Mars
Love blossoms from disaster in this science fiction short story set in the near future.

Super Christmas
A short story about the Secret Supers. Estelle invites Toby to her family’s Christmas dinner.

Captured by the Hawk
A Space Opera Novella. Spaceships crash across the galaxy in the comic misadventures of spy Grey Kat and pirate Black Hawk. Will Kat uncover his mask before they are imprisoned by the Emperor’s troops? 

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