Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship

Book 2: Oakenwald Chronicles 

Can a fledgling witch and a valiant elf contend against the cruel invaders threatening the peaceful land? 

Bridget Bramble hopes to make a home with the elf, Windswift, in the peaceful land of Oakenwald. But, her hopes for a peaceful life are crushed when news arrives of a fleet of enemy ships threatening the southern shores. The elf queen recruits Windswift and Bridget for a hazardous mission to scout the roads to the southern port. The perils increase as they travel farther from Oakenwald. Will Bridget’s handful of spells and Windswift’s keen sword be sufficient to defeat the invaders and ensure the safety of the warded land?  

Step into the fantastical realm of Oakenwald with Bridget Bramble and the Dragon Ship!  

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